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12 March 2022
Bora Mata 2022
3 June 2022

Trofeo Riviera di Barcola 2022

27th edition of the open water race organized by the U.S. Triestina Nuoto.

This year the Riviera di Barcola Trophy 2022 presents itself with an innovative proposal, not only for the period being the first race of the year, but also for the double competitive and non-competitive competition.
For non-competitive athletes there will be a racecourse of 500 m, while the competitive athletes will be able to choose, during the competition, whether to participate in the different distances between 500 m, 2,000 m or 5,000 m.

Registrations open from 4th April 2022 on the US Triestina Nuoto website. Hotello conventions for participants in the race.

For information, rules and registrations:

Saturday 30th April 2022