Trieste.Green Food Lab: 6 eventi per capire olio, formaggio e vino
26 February 2022
Frida Kahlo – Il Caos Dentro
12 March 2022

TriesteBookfest: “Words on the go”

Triestebookfest "Words on the go" aims to underline the bond that has always existed between literature and travel. The ideas born from this link are obviously many and range from themes concerning "classic" travel literature with authors who have explored this modality with their works, to topics that identify and describe travel as an existential experience the journey as a fundamental existential experience for the opening, understanding and comparison with other human and social realities. Particular reflection will be dedicated to travel as a necessity in the time of migration and the human and social implications that derive from it.

It will range from literature to journalistic reportage, from history toanthropology, at the same time opening up to different languages, a feature that has always distinguished the festival and will constitute natural "containers" of the travel topic and an opportunity to tell with images, sounds and words the richness and infinite possibilities of this experience that has always it is part of human life.

Particular attention will be given to the theme of travel understood as a "slow" and conscious experience, with insights into the stories of journeys, respect for the environment, promotion and enhancement of the territory.

The importance of the inner journey that each of us carries out in our lives will also be a fundamental topic in the articulation of the meetings, together with the role of reading understood as an unparalleled possibility for traveling with the mind and living and knowing.

All meetings are free!

Reservations open at the phone number +39 3314373087

From 2nd to 6th march 2022