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26 July 2023
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25 August 2023

Trieste Where to Go

Welcome to Trieste, where discovering the city is an authentic adventure thanks to the itineraries selected by Hotello!

Trieste, a city full of charm, offers many unmissable attractions. You can admire the Miramare Castle, an architectural marvel overlooking the sea. The Roman Theatre, an ancient archaeological site, will catapult you back in time. Explore the Cathedral of San Giusto and its majestic dome. Stroll along the Canal Grande, where the lively atmosphere will captivate you. Visit Piazza UnitĂ  d’Italia, one of the largest squares in Europe, surrounded by fascinating historical buildings. Finally, don’t miss the charming Porto Vecchio, witness to the city’s maritime past. Trieste awaits you with its magical beauty.

Like true Triestines, we have chosen the most unmissable places, just as a local would. From a historic café to a breathtaking panoramic view, explore Trieste with our passionately curated recommendations. To make your experience even easier, we have generated ready-to-follow itineraries on Google Maps.

Discover our city like never before: click on the itineraries above to be inspired and experience Trieste through the eyes of its inhabitants.