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14 July 2023
Trieste Where to Go
26 July 2023

Trieste Where to Eat

Discover the authentic flavours of Trieste, thanks to our restaurant and venue recommendations!

The gastronomic culture of Trieste is a unique and fascinating experience. This port city has been enriched with culinary influences from different cultures, creating an eclectic and delicious cuisine. Traditional dishes include delicious seafood, thanks to its location on the Adriatic Sea, and the ‘caldaia triestina‘, the many dishes based on meat boiled in broth, a result of its proximity to the Karst region and Slovenia. The historic caf├ęs are a fundamental part of Trieste’s tradition and offer aromatic coffees and irresistible pastries. Trieste is also famous for its pastries, with delicacies such as ‘pinza’ and ‘putizza’. The city is a true paradise for food lovers who wish to discover authentic and satisfying flavours.

We at Hotello are true Triestines and have selected the best places to delight you with local cuisine. Savour traditional dishes in the historic restaurant in the centre or treat yourself to a breathtaking view in a cosy osteria by the sea. Try the irresistible flavours of the covered market, and for those with a sweet tooth, treat yourself to typical desserts in a historic pastry shop.

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