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Trofeo Calligaris 2023

International Olympic and Paralympic swimming competition

The long-awaited Trofeo Calligaris, an international swimming event organized by the ASD Unione Sportiva Triestina Nuoto, returns on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 May in the Olympic pool: an unmissable event for the athletes of the sector and which is now part of the soul of the city of Trieste and the entire region.

The event promises to be full of challenges among some of the best young athletes in national swimming. Unique, confirmed and consolidated feature of this competition is the total inclusion with the Paralympic athletes who will compete together in the same tournaments.

The event will take place on the dates indicated above at the B. Bianchi Swimming Pole in Trieste, on a 50 m swimming pool, 10 lanes. A 25 mt swimming pool will be available for the entire duration of the event for warm-up exercises.

Electronic timing will be managed by the time-keepers of Federazione Italiana Cronometristi.

Event link:

: Polo Natatorio B. Bianchi (Passeggio Sant’Andrea, 8 – Trieste)

When: 13-14 May 2023

Are you coming to Trieste to participate in the Trofeo Calligaris 2023?

Access the following link and you can book your bed or your room at a special price dedicated to the participants of the Calligaris 2023 Trophy