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Osmize: the Trieste and Karst spring tradition

Wine, cheese, cured cuts and hard-boiled eggs!

The term osmiza (or osmizza) is a cast from the Slovenian osmica, which in turn is derived from osem, meaning eight. In the late 1700s, this was in fact the number of days granted by the Austro-Hungarian emperor to farmers to sell surplus products from their land.

In reference to this history, the term osmiza still identifies a typical establishment in the Karst between Italy and Slovenia, where wines and local products(usually cold cuts, olives and cheeses) are sold and consumed, directly in the place where they are produced. For these reasons, osmize are considered a real local historical and cultural heritage.

The atmosphere of an osmiza is, as the people of Trieste say in Slovenian, always very domača (pronounced “domacha”) therefore cozy and homey.. The typical location includes a rustic place with terrace or open space, where tables and wooden benches are arranged.

In osmiza there is a rule: only cold and handmade products can be sold. You can find all the various sausages derived from pork, cheeses and hard-boiled eggs (the so-called “ovi duri” in the Trieste dialect). The plates of charcuterie are always accompanied by wine, the true soul of the party in a self-respecting osmiza! Typical Karst wines are Terrano (red), Vitovska and Malvasia (white).

Some osmize extend their offer by including vegetables, pickles, olives, sweets and – from a more youthful point of view – aperitifs prepared with local products.

However, the purpose of osmiza is not to feed large amounts of food, but rather to provide an informal, relaxed and home environment in which to spend carefree time with friends and loved ones.

Information and opening hours

For information on the periods and opening hours of the various osmize present in the territory around Trieste, visit the website