The Great Communicator. Banksy (Unauthorized exhibition)
25 November 2022
Trieste Film Festival 34
21 January 2023

Mercatini di San Nicolò

From 1st to 8th December 2022

From the first of December to the 8th of December 2022, the Fiera di San Nicolò will be held in the traditional environments between via Muratti and Viale XX Settembre, a very important event for the city of Trieste. In the fascinating location among the stalls you can in fact make your first Christmas purchases. And the children will be able to peek into the sack of San Nicolò to find out if this year we will find coal or some sweets. San Nicolò historically assumes the role of protector of seafarers. It was the sea that brought San Nicolò to Trieste at the beginning of the eighteenth century. In fact, after the proclamation of the free port in 1719, different people from the Mediterranean began to flow into the city. The Greeks were among the first relatively numerous communities to settle, and towards the end of the eighteenth century they founded their own church, erected on the Trieste shores and named after San Nicolò and the Holy Trinity. Perhaps from that moment, every December 6th, the presumed day of the saint’s death, is celebrated in Trieste and becomes a tradition rooted in the city which for many is considered more important than Santa Claus. In fact, the children wait for the gifts on the morning of December 6th, while those of the 25th are almost in the background. It is part of Trieste’s particularism and has been like this for a long time, perhaps we could say almost always. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the fair and appreciate the festive atmosphere of this typical Trieste celebration!

Will you visit Trieste during the Mercatini di San Nicolò?

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