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7 July 2023
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11 August 2023

Hotello’s birthday: Gučan Balkan Night with the group “Il Disadattato e la sua orchestra”

Hotello turns 2 and celebrates with a balkan night!

Come celebrate on 29th July 2023 the birthday of Trieste’s coolest hostel with the Gučan Balkan Night at Hotello!

This unmissable event will provide you with an extraordinary musical and entertainment experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in an incandescent Balkan atmosphere!

On stage, we will have the energetic and talented band “Il Disadattato e la sua Orchestra“. This brass and percussion band, made up of six extraordinary musicians, such as Andrea Bonaldo and Martin Dequal on trumpets, Marco Kappel on trombone, Nejč Kovačič on baritone, Daniele Spano on elikon and Daniele Furlan on percussion, was formed in 2016 with the aim of spreading the great classics of the Balkan tradition. Their passion led them to perform as the only Italian ensemble at the prestigious Guča Trumpet Festival in Serbia in 2017. They also released their first album “Ladri a casa dei ladri” in 2018, available on digital stores. Their 2020 single, “Ricordi confusi (Error 404)”, boasts a special collaboration with Rose, voice of the North East Ska Jazz Orchestra. In addition, this year they launched their latest record, “Pelinkoteque”.

During the Gučan Balkan Night, you will be treated to a dedicated menu, offering an explosion of authentic Balkan flavours. Then of course there will be plenty of beer, but there’s more! Get ready to dance and have fun to the addictive rhythm of Balkan music. The musical programme will range from traditional pieces such as “Bubamara” and “Ciganko Moja” to some originals composed by Andrea Bonaldo, such as the exciting “Trojan Horse”. In addition, there will be a selection of songs by the most famous Balkan artist, Goran Bregovic.

Don’t miss this extraordinary evening dedicated to Hotello hostel’s birthday. Exciting music, infectious fun and a vibrant atmosphere will make for an unforgettable night!

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When: 29 July 2023 from 20:00

Where: CAB – Hotello

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