15 November 2021
Piazza UnitΓ‘ d'Italia, Trieste
15 January 2022


Trieste has an own dinosaur! Antonio is the name of the big fossil of Tethyshadros insularis discovered by Tiziana Brazzatti in 1994. It is one of the most complete and well-preserved fossils that have ever been founded in the world, which is why Antonio is a true superstar! You can find it, in its entirety, at the Natural History Museum of the city. Free admission for children under 6!

Address: Natural History Museum - Via dei Tominz, 4 - Trieste
From Hotello: by bus lines 11 and 18 [Corso Italia stop] or 22 [Piazza Oberdan stop]

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"Science is something to see, to discover, but above all to live and do".
The Scientific Imaginary is the first nucleus of an interactive science museum in Italy. With the "Family Lab" program, you can discover Science with the whole family!

Address: Porto Vecchio - Warehouse 26 - Trieste
From Hotello: by bus line 6 [stop in piazza Oberdan], on foot 1.7 km

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If you prefer the outdoors, in this period the Karst offers wonderful colors and views: we recommend the Path of Sage and the Napoleonic Road, both easy and relaxing paths suitable for boys and girls of all ages.

Address: Strada Napoleonica - Opicina Obelisco
From Hotello: by bus, line 4 [departure from Piazza Oberdan]

Indirizzo: Sentiero della Salvia [Sentiero Tiziana Weiss] - locality Santa Croce, 222-232
From Hotello: by bus, line 44 [departure from Piazza Oberdan]

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