Fake Osmiza – the osmiza in the center of Trieste
11 August 2023

Hard Lemonade for an evening of pure Italian rock’n’roll

On Friday 8th September 2023, don't miss the overwhelming evening with the extraordinary Hard Lemonade

This Trieste-based band, made up of five talented members – Mr. Luca Bitti on vocals, Mr. Walllace on saxophone/keyboard/vocals, Mr. Jay Tommasini on guitar/vocals, Mr. Caine on bass and Mr. Giulio Roselli on drums – has created an exceptional reinterpretation of Italian songs from the 50s and 60s in a Rockabilly Swing Surf key.

Formed in 2013 around charismatic frontman Luca Bitti, also known as JackRabbit Slim, the band captures the authentic essence of the musical classics of that period. With genuine sounds and an infectious energy, Hard Lemonade has entered the vintage world with style and quality, giving new life to Italian and international songs, such as “Perdono,” “Se perdo anche te,” “Great balls of fire” and “Devil in disguise,” with a rock’n’roll twist.

Join us for a night of addictive rhythm, carefree melodies and light-hearted lyrics. Let yourself be transported into an atmosphere of retro optimism, where modern hustle and bustle melts away and post-war energy is revived. Beer, food and hearty drinks will be the perfect accompaniment to a unique musical experience.

Don’t miss this unforgettable evening with Hard Lemonade!

When: Friday 8 September 2023 from 9pm

Where: CAB – Hotello (via Valdirivo, 6 – Trieste)