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3 March 2022
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Frida Kahlo. Il Caos Dentro

After the success recorded in Rome, Milan and Naples, the exhibition Frida Kahlo - Il Caos Dentro in Trieste focuses on the enchantment and suggestion of the union between original works and technology, proposing an immersive journey into the inner and artistic world of the famous artist, one of the most interesting and marking female figures of the twentieth century.

The concept of the exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to enter with all the senses into the varied, suffered, chaotic and vital universe of the 'dancing star' Frida Kahlo, with an intense path in which different traits of the sensitivity and personality of the eclectic artist, icon of rebellion and feminism, passion and style, in which the central presence was her husband Diego Rivera, to which the exhibition itself gives ample space.

The exhibition at the Salone degli Incanti in Trieste presents the original painting Piden aeroplanos y les dan alas de petate attributed to Frida Kahlo and 15 reproductions of famous self-portraits made between 1926 and 1949 reproduced with the sophisticated modlight technology, which returns to the viewer the details of oil painting with impressive realism.

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From 12 March to 23 July 2022