Fake Osmiza - Hotello

Fake Osmiza

Once a month Hotello becomes a great Fake Osmiza: wine, salami, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, wine, traditional music, wine… we have already said that?

The "osmizata" will last all day, starting at 11:00.

What is an Osmiza? An Osmiza is a type of restaurant typical of the Karst plateau, between Italy and Slovenia, where wines and typical products are sold and consumed, directly in the place where they are produced.

How does it work? You arrive, you order food and wine and you sit wherever you want (you don’t need to book), at our tables inside or outside in our courtyard. Everything will be set up as in a real osmiza, complete with plaid tablecloths, cutting boards and bulk wine jugs.

Why Fake Osmiza? We want to give all those who pass by Hotello a taste of triestinity, made of simple pleasures and good company, to create an opportunity to meet new people and be together. Of course, everyone is welcome, whether you are a Hotello guest or not!

We look forward to toasting together!

Upcoming dates:
November 20, 2022
December 18, 2022
January 29, 2022
February 19, 2023
March 19, 2023