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22 December 2022
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4 April 2023

Fake Osmiza on Easter Monday

On Easter Monday Fake Osmiza returns in Hotello!

Fake Osmiza is an opportunity to get to know the flavors of our Territory : for those who cannot reach the typical “osmize” on the Karst, we have created the opportunity to taste the typical products of the area in a dedicated day: wine, cold cuts, cheeses, pickles and “ovi duri” (hard-boiled eggs) – essential elements in any osmiza worthy of its name – will be on sale all day in the bar of Hotello, in the form of rich plates of charcuterie to share with friends.

For this edition, all products will be provided by Bajta, a farm on the Trieste Karst that self-produces the highest quality cold cuts from free-range animals. The meat processing is carried out inside the farm, in full respect of tradition: the cold cuts are aged in cellars carved into the Karst rock, which guarantee an environment equipped with optimal climate and humidity to obtain excellent and unmistakable products.

Bajta pays the same attention in the production of its wines, obtained from the cultivation of vineyards adapted to the Karst soil, with techniques that limit the treatments and obtain healthy and naturally resistant grapes.

During Fake Osmiza, you can enjoy lots of typical products! Have a look at the following proposals.

Call us to take your table!

Tables reservation: 040 987 1955

Where: Hotello Hostel, via Valdirivo 6 Trieste

When: Monday 9th April from 11:00 to 19:00