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3 June 2022
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Bloomsday 2022

On the occasion of the centenary of the release of Ulysses by the Irish writer James Joyce, Trieste too is preparing to celebrate Bloomsday: Thursday 16th June, the date on which all the action of the novel takes place, its full staging is scheduled; it is a marathon of events that will be held at the times indicated by Joyce for each episode of Ulysses - from 8 in the morning to 3 in the night - in 15 different places in the city center chosen for their affinity and similarity to the original Dublin settings. An unmissable opportunity to experience Trieste and Ulysses together and discover them from another perspective.
An important link that will once again be enhanced thanks to the many initiatives organized in the city on the occasion of Bloomsday by the Joyce Museum of Trieste of the Municipality of Trieste in collaboration with the University of Trieste. The event also enjoys the support of PromoTurismoFVG and the Trieste Convention and Visitors Bureau with special advantages reserved for those who stay overnight in the city's accommodation facilities adhering to the Leisure Club of which Hotello is also a member. In fact, a tourist package will be available which will include – for all guests who will stay at least 2 nights in Trieste (in the period between the night of 15th and 19th June 2022) – the opportunity to participate in a series of shows with free admission on June 16 including a free lunch at the restaurant La Barcaccia inside Eataly which will offer two food and wine proposals, one Irish-inspired and one Trieste-inspired. Some other events are scheduled in the following days (however some of which are paid) where tourists will have the opportunity (only for them) to reserve seats through the hotel (max 10/20 per show).
To discover the events selected for the Bloomsday package: Discover Trieste

Ask for all the info at the Hotello reception!

From 16th to 19th June 2022