Movimento Cumbiero Show at Hotello
18 December 2023
Movimento Cumbiero Show at Hotello
18 December 2023


On Tuesday 31 October, come and celebrate Halloween at our place with RADIO ZASTAVA with free admission.

Oneiric, lysergic, eclectic, furious, irreverent… RADIO ZASTAVA re a unique collective in the diverse scene of European bands with an ethno-Balkan background.

Active since 2005 and born in the multicultural city of Gorizia, the seven members of the band – Gabriele Cancelli trumpet; Nico Rinaldi alto sax; Walter Grison tenor & amp, alto sax; David Cej accordion, electronics; Stefano Bragagnolo percussions; Predrag Pijunovic tapan; Walter wattabass Sguazzin el bass – have Italian, Friulian, Slovenian, Austrian and Bosnian-Serbian origins

Very few bands manage to bring together an in-depth knowledge of the most intricate rhythms, harmonies and melodies of Eastern Europe with a variety of musical genres ranging from swing to free improvisation, reggae to the most diverse electronic music, enriching it all with an uncommon theatricality.

In 2013 they played on the main stage of the Guča Trumpet Festival, the largest festival in the world dedicated to Balkan brass bands, where they won the second prize as the best band right behind the Serbian competitors. In 2014 they were chosen as supporters for the European reunion tour between Emir Kusturica and Goran Bregović, playing some of the most important European clubs including the legendary Zenith in Paris. In 2015, they opened the funeral ceremony for circus queen Moira Orfei.

Their repertoire betrays an almost schizophrenic imprint, halfway between a pleasantly low-fi electronic DJ set, collective improvisation and the powerful virtuosic wall of brass sound that has always distinguished them!

Come dressed up/disguised as Halloween, RADIO ZASTAVA will choose the winner or the winner at its sole discretion. As a prize for the best costume, a case of Green Gold Brewing beer!


Hotello, via Valdirivo 6


31st October, at 9 PM.

Are you coming to spend Halloween with us?

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