Weekly markets of Campagna Amica
12 July 2023
Weekly markets of Campagna Amica
12 July 2023

Vincent Van Gogh in Trieste – exhibition at Museo Revoltella

First “to do” of the new year: visit museums and art collections live and train in beauty in Trieste

It is the beginning of the New Year, time for good intentions and the more or less compulsive or thoughtful compilation of lists of goals to be fulfilled by next 31 December. The perfect opportunity to start training in beauty is given to us by Trieste’s cultural events calendar, with the arrival of Vincent Van Gogh, who will take up residence in the city for four months.

From Thursday 22 February to Sunday 30 June 2024 the Revoltella Museum – Modern Art Gallery di Trieste – will host an exhibition of more than 50 masterpieces by Vincent Van Gogh. The exhibition is produced by Arthemisia, curated by Maria Teresa Benedetti and Francesca Villanti and is promoted and organised by the City of Trieste, in particular by the Department of Culture and Tourism Policies.

There are some artists whose you just have to hear the name and immediately in our minds we reconstruct its most famous pictures. In an instant we connect Vincent Van Gogh to specific images of yellow and blue, pots of sunflowers, the sky making swirls, short, shaggy brushstrokes, the red of his beard, a man working in the fields.

But the impact with live opera is unparalleled.

Those same works that we have labelled as ‘already seen’, ‘already known’, because their use in the most disparate fields is really overblown, always amaze us in person.

The exhibition in Trieste is an opportunity to once again see two usually distant portraits side by side, one preserved in the Netherlands in the Kröller-Müller Museum – lender of almost all the works in the exhibition – and the other in the Galleria Nazionale in Rome.

Van Gogh portrayed both Mr and Mrs Ginoux, owners of the Café da la Gare in Arles.The history linking the couple to the artist is controversial.

The Arlesienne – the portrait of Madame – suggests that there was a relationship of esteem and trust between the artist and the woman (they shared the torment of depression). The portrait of Monsieur Richard shows a man who looks at those in front of him almost suspiciously and distantly, a little biased, with a raised eyebrow.

A story of betrayed friendship creeps in: the couple allegedly participated in the petition with which the community of Arles asked the mayor to place limits on the artist’s behaviour. The inhabitants of the Provençal village were afraid of Van Gogh’s excesses: he had recently cut off his ear following a furious confrontation with Gauguin and seemed – in their opinion – out of control.

Vincent seems never to have been aware of the betrayal: he continued to write to those he considered to be his friends until shortly before his death.


Museo Revoltella, Trieste  – Modern Art Gallery 

via Diaz 27,

34123 Trieste (TS) 


The exhibition opens daily, except Tuesdays (closing day), from 9am to 7pm.

The ticket office and entrance close one hour earlier.

Extraordinary openings

Sunday, March 31st, 9am-7pm

Monday, April 1st, 9am-7pm

Thursday, April 25th, 9am-7pm

Tuesday, April 30th, 9am-7pm

Wednesday, May 1st, 9am-7pm

Sunday, June 2nd, 9am-7pm


Accessing the service, the cost of the ticket will be €18.50, including pre-sale fees. There is a single fare, no reductions (agency fees of €1.50 per ticket will be calculated in the order summary).

Regular rates from the opening of the exhibition:

  • Full price ticket 17.50€ (audioguide included).
  • Reduced price 15,50€ for over 65, children 12-18, police, disabled, journalists with card, Arthemisia card holders, employees of the Municipality of Trieste (audioguide included).
  • Reduced price 8.50€ for children 6-11 years (audio guide included).
  • Free for children under the age of 6, ICOM members, accompanying persons with disabilities, holders of invitation coupons, Arthemisia Vip Card holders, accredited journalists, tour guides with badge, FVG Card holders.

A visit to the Revoltella Museum is included in the ticket price.

Useful contacts:

Museo Revoltella:

+39 040 675 4350

+39 040 675 4158


For specific information on the exhibition and bookings:
+39 040 982781

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