Dynamic morning yoga
17 August 2023
Dynamic morning yoga
17 August 2023

Il Cervellone Quiz Game Friuli Venezia Giulia

Throughout November Il Cervellone returns to Hotello!

Il Cervellone” is the multimedia quiz game par excellence, conceived and designed for the world of entertainment in general, conceived and produced in Italy by PLANET MULTIMEDIA.

Following in the footsteps of the greatest TV quiz games that have kept generations of people around the world glued to the TV, Il Cervellone transports the same emotions experienced by TV contestants, directly to clubs, shopping centres and squares!

The questions proposed deal with various topics of general culture, from history to geography, from sport to cinema and so on.

ℹ️ You can find all the info on Il Cervellone athttp://www.ilcervellone.it/


Monday 6th, November – 08.30 PM;
Monday 13th, November – 08.30 PM;
Monday 20th, November – 08.30 PM;
Monday 27th, November – 08.30 PM.

3 prize heats:


In English only.

Mixed in English and in Italian.

Reservations and dinner consumptioncompulsory,the menu will vary every night: we will post it on our Facebook event and on our Facebook page, as an alternative to the dishes on the menu, you can choose toasts and sandwiches in our showcase.

Will you come and play Il Cervellone with us? (Book now)