Trieste Where to Go
26 July 2023
Hotello and Hostel Celica in Ljubljana become Hostel Friends and Partners!
12 April 2024
Trieste Where to Go
26 July 2023
Hotello and Hostel Celica in Ljubljana become Hostel Friends and Partners!
12 April 2024

Trenitalia special offers

Discover the Trenitalia Special Offers: Italy on Tour and FVG Weekend!

Choose the dates and times for your trip, stay in Trieste for at least three nights: the train ticket is given to you by Friuli Venezia Giulia and you will receive the FVG card as a gift.

Until April 30, 2024, you can visit the city of the wind called Bora, the writer Joyce and the special coffee with milk capo in B by receiving a free Trenitalia ticket if you choose to stay in the city for at least three nights.

You won’t pay for the train ticket and you’ll get the FVG card, a pass valid for 48 hours – depending on the length of your stay – that allows free or reduced admission to museums, castles, churches, caves, guided tours and significant discounts on experiences.

Moving around by train is a sustainable mode of travel for the planet, but also for each of us: as the carriages run, we can read, chat, listen to music, work or study before we arrive at our destination and begin our vacation.

We don’t have to worry about refueling the car, if we get sleepy we can sleep and if we like, we can relax watching what flows outside the window.

Travel One - Tour Operator partner of PromoturismoFVG - is the agency in charge of taking reservations

Choose to set out in the journey alone or in company and contact the agency in charge Travelone, Tour Operator partner of PromoTurismoFVG: write to and ask for a quote for your trip.

You will be invited to describe:

  • – the city and train station from which you will depart;
  • – the period of your stay:be careful because the days and periods in the coming months when the Trenitalia promo cannot be applied to the Trieste destination will be Easter (all packages that include travel and/or stay on March 30-March 31 and April 1) and St. Mark’s Day (all packages that include travel and/or stay on April 25);
  • – the number of travelers (and age of children, if any).

Discover Trieste with Trenitalia: the conditions of the promotion to access free travel tickets

The Trenitalia round-trip ticket must have the stations Trieste Centrale or Trieste Airport as its destination and departure. The travel must be in 2nd class or standard level of service.

Trips that do not depart from Italian territory are excluded from the promotion.

The last date for return travel is 04/30/24.

Days affected by festivities and national holidays are excluded from the promotion. If there are other major events in the city or in the hostel in the same days that you have chosen, we will need to check availability.

Access to the promotion is only through the Travel One contracted agency channels. You cannot obtain the benefits through bookings made on the OTA platform or similar (booking, Expedia, Airbnb, etc…).

Our tip: grab these extraordinary offers and make every trip an unforgettable experience with Trenitalia! We’ll take care of the overnight stay!

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