Little Beetle – Ceramic painting workshop
22 December 2022
Museum My Home: free ticket for the museums on Sundays
27 March 2023
Little Beetle – Ceramic painting workshop
22 December 2022
Museum My Home: free ticket for the museums on Sundays
27 March 2023

Botanical Gardens

A walk through the historical botanical gardens

The botanical garden Civico Orto Botanico was founded in 1842 on the initiative of the Municipality of Trieste, which chose the area of the territory of Chiadino, still the site of the garden, to experience the possibility of taking root of the Austrian black pine on the hills around the city with the aim of limiting, through this kind of natural barrier, the intensity of the Bora that too long prevented or slowed the activities of the Port.

This experiment, entrusted to the botanical pharmacist Bartolomeo Biasoletto, was only the beginning of a project of progressive expansion and enlargement, which saw the addition, over the years, of numerous local and Karst species, as well as the idea, in 1873, of opening the garden to the public. Since 1903 it has been recognized as a public institution and is annexed to the Natural History Museum.

The Civico Orto Botanico of Trieste is also the first Scientific Institute of Friuli-Venezia Giulia to receive a particular and important recognition: the stamp, which includes the garden in the fourth of the 2015 series “Natural and landscape heritage” entitled to “Parks, gardens and botanical gardens of Italy”.

Going to visit this garden means not only taking a walk among flowers and plants, but enjoying a relaxing “lesson” in outdoor botany suitable for everyone, among wonderful scents and all kinds of colors.

The path of the botanical garden is divided into 12 distinct areas, through which you will be accompanied by signs and dedicated information tables:

  • Spontaneous plants
  • Houseplants
  • Ornamental plants
  • Magic plants
  • Garden of the simple ones
  • Lotus flowers
  • Food plants
  • Formal garden
  • Herb tints – Dyeing plants section
  • Useful plants
  • Garden of Poisons – Path of oisonous plants
  • Geopaleontological path

The Civico Orto Botanico carries out several initiatives, which you can find by clicking on this link Orto Botanico Trieste, but we recommend you not to miss especially the Shakespearean walks. It is a project that aims to enrich with a literary and romantic flavor the usual path of visitors, lovers of nature and the place, scholars, teachers and students, Italian and foreign visitors: in the garden there are, in fact, many of the 175 plants mentioned in Shakespeare’s works, significant for their symbolic nature, their magical effects and their qualities, often a reflection and metaphor of the human soul. You can go looking for them along the avenues in a relaxing, instructive and satisfying treasure hunt!

All you have to do is set this visit in the agenda: entrance is free!

As support for the tour you can find the maps and explanatory tables in Italian and English at the infopoint near the entrance. In addition, on the route you will find all the descriptive tables of the present collections.

The garden is closed to the public from 1st October 2022 to 31th March 2023 and reopens in the month of April, the month of wisteria flowering, of an almost scenic beauty and peculiarity. Our advice: go and enjoy the show during this time!

For all information visit the website:

You can buy the stamp of the Civico Orto Botanico online at and in the Filatelia space in via Galatti, in Trieste.

Open from 1/04/2023

Address: Via Carlo De Marchesetti, 2, 34142 Trieste TS


+39 040 360 068

+39 348 639 3055

From Hotello: bus, lines 17 (stop in via Filzi 3 – Sant’Antonio, Ponterosso) or 17/ (departure from Central Railway Station).

Alternatively, the Civico Orto Botanico can be reached by walking through Bosco Biasoletto: stop lines 6, 9, 35 in Piazza Volontari Giuliani (Scala San Luigi – Campo San Luigi route) or with the next stop Scala Margherita (via Pindemonte – Bosco Biasoletto route).

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