Trieste Film Festival stands out as the richest and most articulated Italian festival event dedicated specifically to the cinemas of Central Eastern Europe and beyond.

The festival offers a wide and diversified program, consisting of an average of one hundred titles from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, with an exponential growth of international and national previews of feature films, short films and documentaries, all in original version, with English and Italian subtitles.

The zero edition of the festival dates back to 1987, a historic moment of great transformations and in which the free circulation of ideas was still hampered by the cultural, economic and political division between the Western and Eastern blocs. The festival was the logical outcome of a long silent study and research on the cinema of Central and Eastern Europe carried out in Trieste by film enthusiasts who had given life, during the '70s and |80, continuous film reviews on the countries beyond the Cortina (Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, etc.), completely marginalised by their own membership of the Soviet bloc and by the censorship of Western markets, but animated by interesting worries and ferments perceived and felt in a particular way in a city bordering the East as Trieste, which in the history and culture of those countries saw the deep roots of its past intertwined and with which it shared the difficult present of a strategic and permeable frontier, a place of transits, problematic cohabitations, landings.

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From 21 to 30 January 2022

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