Trieste museums
15 November 2021
Piazza Unitá d'Italia, Trieste
Discover Trieste
15 January 2022
Trieste museums
15 November 2021
Piazza Unitá d'Italia, Trieste
Discover Trieste
15 January 2022

Activities to do with children in Trieste


Trieste has a dinosaur of its own: Antonio is the name of the great fossil of Tethyshadros insularis discovered by Tiziana Brazzatti in 1994. It is one of the most complete and well-preserved fossils ever found worldwide, which is why Antonio is a true superstar! You can find it, in its entirety, at the Natural History Museum of the city along with many other fossils and animals collected here to let the little ones discover and explore the wonders of nature and evolution in one of the most beautiful and complete museums in Trieste.

From 1846 to today the museum collects a large collection of artifacts to get the youngest into the ancient and recent animal world.

Free admission for children under 6 years.

Address: Natural History Museum - Via dei Tominz, 4 - Trieste

From Hotello: by bus, lines 11 and 18 [Corso Italia stop] or 22 [Piazza Oberdan stop]

Information on tickets and timetables:



For those who love animals and the agricultural world, on the Karst of Trieste there is a fantastic educational farm, created especially for the little ones. On the farm you will find many animals, including a peacock, rabbits, dogs, ducks, piglets, goats, sheep, horses, ponies and of course chickens!

This beautiful farm in full Karst style is the perfect place to approach the agricultural world in a simple and fun way, interacting and playing with animals. All followed by the staff, who will involve you in a unique way in this wonderful world.

The Beatrice La Gallina Felice farm also offers courses and special activities such as the survival course, walks with horses and ponies, cooking courses (strictly with ingredients produced by the farm) and the nature walk, where you can discover together with the guide the creatures of the Karst. All of this, of course, is child-friendly!

For information and reservations, visit the Facebook page at this link: Beatrice La Gallina Felice

Address: Sales locality, 16/a, 34010 Sgonico TS

From Hotello: by bus, line 46 [departure from Piazza Oberdan]



Science is not only to be seen, but above all to be experienced in person.

The Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico is one of the first interactive scientific museums in Italy. Through the "Family Lab" plan you can discover Science together with your whole family!

The Immaginario Scientifico is an interactive and experimental science museum, part of the so-called “new generation museums”, whose characteristic is the use of original exhibition techniques and innovative teaching animation methods.

Thanks to the interactive stations called hands-on exhibits (precisely because they are not only on display to be observed, but also and above all to be touched and handled) the visitor unleashes, activates and manipulates materials and machinery... thus confronting some natural phenomena that invite him to a game of discovery and hypothesis. Ideal for children and the whole family!

Address: Porto Vecchio - Magazzino 26 - Trieste

From Hotello: by bus, line 6 [Piazza Oberdan stop], on foot 1.7 km

Information on tickets and timetables:



If you prefer to stay outdoors, the Karst has colors and wonderful views to offert, especially in automn.

Thanks to its rare and special shape, the Karst around Trieste is a unique landscape to appreciate and cross. Widely explorable both on foot and by bicycle, the Karst plateau has all the features to make you wish to spend a beautiful day among woods, cliffs and even a valley with a waterfall!

We recommend the Sentiero della Salvia (Sage Trail) and the Strada Napoleonica (Napoleonic Road), both easy and relaxing routes suitable for children of all ages.

The Val Rosandra with its waterfall can be easily crossed thanks to its traced paths. You can even stop for lunch at the Premuda refuge!

To find out all the details about the routes visit the site discover-trieste in its section dedicated to Karst. Find the link below.

Address: Strada Napoleonica - Opicina Obelisco

From Hotello: by bus, line 4 [departure from Piazza Oberdan]

Address: Sentiero della Salvia [Sentiero Tiziana Weiss] - locality Santa Croce, 222-232

From Hotello: by bus, line 44 [departure from Piazza Oberdan]

Address: Val Rosandra / Rifugio Premuda - Bagnoli Superiore, 245, 34018 San Dorligo della Valle TS

From Hotello: by bus, line 40 [departure from Piazza della Libertà (Central Railway Station)]

Information about su Karst itineraries:



Istralandia is a water park in the municipality of Verteneglio, in the Istrian region of Croatia. Among the best water parks in Europe, Istralandia offers guaranteed fun for the whole family and especially for children.

With a wide choice of slides, adrenaline games and swimming pools, it is the perfect place where you can spend a day full of fun and emotions.

Located in Istria, Croatia, a beautiful and authentically Adriatic land, Istralandia is the perfect place to visit on a beautiful summer day and allows you to also enjoy all the beauty of the Istrian land!

Consult the website! Link below.

Aquapark Istralandia address: Ul. Ronki 1, 52474, Nova Vas, Croatia

Aquapark Istralandia website:



The Grotta Gigante is a Karst cave, explored in 1840 and opened to tourism by the Club Touristi Triestini in 1908. The cave is located on the Karst plateaua few kilometers from the city of Trieste and the border with Slovenia.. Its main feature is that it is a large tourist cave containing the largest natural room in the world: a single compartment about 114 meters high, 280 meters long and 76.3 meters wide, included in the Guinness World Records since 1995. With a wide range of educational activities, the Grotta Gigante is a great place for adults and children, an incredible place to admire the wonders of the underground and the grandeur of what lies beneath our feet.

The caves of San Canziano are located on the Karst, 3 km from Divaccia (Divača) in Slovenia and 15 km from the border of Trieste. These caves are one of the most characteristic phenomena of the Karst. They have been declared a protected area in 1981 and on November 25th, 1986 they have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Register. It is a complex of tunnels and caves over 5 kilometers long, covered with stalactites and stalagmites excavated, over millions of years, from the Timavo river. The caves of San Canziano are the place where the river Timavo disappears underground, to re-emerge 34 km further downstream and then flow into the Gulf of Trieste, in San Giovanni di Duino. Like the Grotta Gigante, the caves of San Canziano offer educational activities for the whole family and represent a unique and magical place appreciated by visitors from all over the world!

For all the necessary information consult the links below!

Grotta Gigante address: Borgo Grotta Gigante locality 42/A, 34010 Borgo Grotta Gigante, Sgonico Italy

Grotta Gigante from Hotello: by bus, line 42 [departure from Piazza della Libertà (Central Railway Station)]

Grotta Gigante website:

Caves of San Canziano address: Matavun 12, 6215 Divača, Slovenia

Caves of San Canziano website:



Trieste is famous for many things, including its maritime nature: there is nothing more Trieste-like than the sea! And what most enhances the beauty and preciousness of the sea is the Miramare Oasis.

Established in 1973, it is the first Italian marine protected area and the first WWF marine oasis. With its 120 hectares of protected sea at the foot of the Miramare Castle, it is a real oasis of marine and coastal biodiversity a stone's throw from Trieste.

The Marine Protected Area of Miramare is for all intents and purposes a concentrate of biodiversity of habitats and species which offers many educational activities also dedicated to children. The educational activities are an excellent opportunity to bring children closer to the marine world with a scientific and naturalistic approach, colorful and interactive, which leaves room for imagination and invites them to reflect and appreciate our beautiful natural world!

Find all the information at this link.

Address: Viale Miramare, 345, 34151 Grignano TS

From Hotello: by bus, line 6 [departure from Piazza Oberdan]



In collaboration with Beatrice La Gallina Felice, TrasmutArti arteterapia by Alice Satollo launches its naturalistic excursions activity, a combination of art and nature, which takes you to know in detail the most beautiful and suggestive paths of the Trieste and Slovenian Karst.

A perfect activity to teach children to value nature through observation, hiking and art. An adventure made of colors, smells, landscapes and donkey-stepping sunsets, in the true sense of the word: in addition to Alice, you will be accompanied by donkeys on Karst trails, which makes this experience truly unique and special for our children!

For information and reservations visit Facebook pageand thewebsite! You can find the links below.

Alice Satollo's Facebook page:

Alice Satollo's website:



Change your point of view and walk through the trees, play 8 meters high and challenge your limits!

The Trieste Adventure Park offers routes and contexts made to meet the expectations of adults and children. Located in a Karst wood near Sistiana, the park includes 750 meters of paths, with various levels of difficulty and different types of attractions and is perfect even for children.

Whether you're riding lianas, speeding on the cableway or crossing the obstacle course, you'll always be accompanied by the staff at Trieste Adventure Park, which includes a certified guide and rescuer.

Of course, you will be provided with safety equipment suitable for the challenges you will encounter. Take your little ones on this adventure in the park and explore the world of trees and heights with them.

Stay hooked!

See the website and the Facebook page for more information and news about days and opening hours, you can find the link below together with the address.

Address: Ceroglie locality, 1, 34013 Duino TS

From Hotello: by bus, line 44 [departure from Piazza Oberdan]

Trieste Adventure Park Facebook Page:

Trieste Adventure Park website:

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